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Over more than three decades, Hughes-Castell has established strong relationships with our clients and candidates across the Asia Pacific. We have teams dedicated to serving in-house and private practice search needs. We have successfully placed legal and compliance talent for multinational companies and financial institutions across multiple jurisdictions and a wide range of industries.

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Financial Services

Given continually changing regulatory requirements, financial services companies always operate in a highly regulated environment. The modern in-house counsel and compliance professional needs to provide accurate and time-sensitive advice to the organization that can be unequivocally relied on. Our candidates are sourced from within leading banks, private equity firms, private credit houses, hedge funds, and asset managers.

Hughes-Castell’s financial services team works with many top performing international financial services institutions and is committed to ensuring our candidates are perfectly suited to our clients’ needs. Each of our specialist consultants has deep expertise and extensive knowledge in the legal and compliance sectors, making our company a top choice for senior-level legal and compliance searches within the financial service sector.

Private Equity / Venture Capital

The private equity and venture capital sectors are experiencing unprecedented fund inflows and investment activity in the Greater China and Asia region. Hughes-Castell’s success comes in part from our commitment to hiring exclusively from within the sector. Given our long-standing focus in this area, we are uniquely equipped to help firms address the growing related demands.

In recent years, we have seen increasing cases of foreign firms setting up branches in the region. These industry dynamics are neatly aligned with Hughes-Castell’s expertise. With 35 plus years’ experience in the market, we have built up an exclusive network that gives us unparalleled ability to reach out to top-level talent in law firms and private equity or venture capital sectors in multiple jurisdictions.

Hughes-Castell works with many different private equity, venture capital and alternative asset investors. We have access to a wide range of career options in the private equity and venture capital sector, and we want to make sure it is the right opportunity for you.


FinTech means the intersection of innovative technology and financial services. It is a fast-evolving industry. Finding the right legal and compliance talent to drive FinTech innovation requires casting a wide net. Our fintech team is comprised of specialists in in-house fintech legal and compliance search who are connected to the highest quality network of legal and compliance professionals in the industry.

Our specialized in-house legal search expertise and client base of leading technology and fintech employers allow us to best position our candidates. We help our candidates find the perfect next step in their careers while providing industry specific counsel and advice.


Insurance is a highly regulated and fast-moving industry. Insurers, reinsurers, and intermediaries are continually facing various legal, regulatory, and operational challenges in the region. On the other hand, rapid development in technology drives insurers to innovate. Regulators set up sandboxes with more flexibility in regulatory requirements and streamline authorization processes for digital distribution channels to encourage insurers to run trials and develop InsurTech. A handful of new virtual insurers join the market with innovative products and more straightforward procedures for consumers. The insurance industry will continue to diversify and move towards full digitalization.

The transformation has been a recurring theme across the insurance sector. Our practice has noted a meaningful increase in the search of legal, compliance, and regulatory and data privacy assignments supporting clients’ shifts to digital channels, with the accompanying need to rethink IT and cybersecurity capabilities.

Our market-leading team holds over 35 years of search experience within the industry. Our longevity in the market means that we are lucky enough to say that all the major global insurance firms use us.


The technology industry is the main driver of the global economy. It never slows to a standstill and a transforming business. What is leading edge today can quickly become outdated tomorrow. This environment places a premium on legal and compliance professionals who have the flexibility, industry knowledge and regulatory experience to ensure stable business operations. With over 30 years’ search experience in the technology sector, we can leverage our long-term relationships and industry intelligence to recruit lawyers and compliance professionals who thrive in uncertainty and demonstrate the ability to create, impact, and transform their organizations.

We have worked extensively with international and Chinese multinational technology companies in the region. Armed with our knowledge in the technology industry, we aim to understand your particular culture and values to ensure a long-lasting fit for both candidates and clients.

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical / Biotech

Healthcare/Pharmaceutical/Biotech is an innovative industry; there are always scenarios, strategies, and designs that no one has prior experience. The industry is embracing change, testing novel business models, and creating new opportunities. At the same time, companies operate in a highly regulated environment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a balance of innovation and regulatory risks. At Hughes-Castell, our search team finds lawyers and compliance professionals who are well-versed in industry knowledge and familiar with current regulatory requirements to catalyze change across an entire organization.

Hughes-Castell has an extensive history with multinational healthcare companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Our success ensures our consultants have firsthand knowledge of the healthcare companies' issues in the rapidly transforming space. We can help you to attract and develop great legal and compliance talents in the region.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Asia’s development success was its fast-structural transformation toward industrialization, manufacturing in China in particular. Manufacturing activities are expected to increase in Southeast Asia and India. Our search team has real-life experience working with leaders within the manufacturing business and they have knowledge of the industry, which means we know what our clients will be looking for and understand the skills they will need as we understand the unique pressures faced by our clients in the sector.

We have partnered with Fortune/Fortune Global 500 manufacturers in the Greater China region for decades. Prior experience plays a large part in the search processes for manufacturing companies, and it significantly improves a candidate’s chances of employment.


There is no doubt Asia presents enormous opportunities for the telecommunications industry, driven by a vastly increased customer population, advanced networking technology (5G), and new digital entrants. However, telecommunications companies also face high capital costs and regulatory complexity in the region. These have increased the need for more qualified legal and compliance professionals across the board. Our telecommunications team helps clients assess their company culture, leadership style, and search goals. Also, we know how to assist clients in the telecommunication industry position themselves to stand out in an intensely competitive talent market.

Hughes-Castell has partnered with multinational, regional, and local telecommunications key players to build legal teams across Asia for decades. Our extensive knowledge and experience working within the telecommunications sector enable us to offer our candidates an exceptional service level for senior-level roles.

Consumer / Luxury / Retail

Consumer goods companies, retailers, and luxury brands need to tackle problems such as brand value, counterfeit goods, and copycat products, how best to embrace the internet and social media to interact with consumers, and business expansion whether through investment, new retail ventures, or into new territories. Excellence in merchandising alone is no longer enough; the consumer/luxury/retail companies of today and tomorrow must thrive in a world of complexity and uncertainty, intellectual property protection, cybersecurity, data privacy, leasing, and export sanction issues. With our deep industry expertise and truly global reach, we can help you acquire the best-qualified legal, IP, and compliance talents.

We work with many world-renowned brands and retailers across the region. Our consultants are well versed in the industry and can provide candidates with the latest market information and clear career vision. Our search team helps you to develop a great career path in the sector across Asia.

Public Sector / Statutory / Regulatory

Although public organizations have always played a subtle role in the business world, the statutory and regulatory companies create and implement policies and rules to regulate technological, economic, social, and cultural sectors. Hughes-Castell has a long history of working with statutory bodies, financial regulators, and major public organizations in Hong Kong and Singapore. With this tremendous track record, we understand the main issues are the sector is facing in different societies. Our experience in the public sector means that we know the pressures often placed on organizations when searching for the right legal and compliance professionals that add value and contribute to long-term growth. Our public sector clients benefit from Hughes-Castell’s access to the senior public sector officials and private law firm/private sector professionals who bring fresh perspectives and the desire to make a difference through public service.

Over the years, we have built strong and trusted relationships with various organizations across a range of public sector and financial regulators. Hughes-Castell’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the public sector allows us to tailor our services to ensure we support each individual searching for their next career move. Our team also provides our candidates up-to-today and accurate market information they need to advance their careers in the public sector.

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